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Lamborghini Mystery Cars
Mystery Cars Little is known on the following cars. We would appreciate any information and photos anyone might have that would help us solve some of these mysteries. Mail to our office or email.
350GT. This Swiss registered (GE 101494) in 1965, took part in the 1965 Marchairuz Hillclimb. This photo has appeared in several books but nothing more is know on the car.
350GT. This is a rare sunroof equipped car we would like to know more about.
Recently found 1967 400GT Interim. Chassis #0418. Engine #0373. Touring #18921. Exterior color is Red with a Tan interior. The car was recently purchased from it previous owner of ten years (in storage) in Atlanta, GA. Prior to that the car was in Alabama until its owner was murdered and the car was sold by the owner's wife. The present owner Cyril Lesel would like to know more information on this car's history.
400GT2+2 Registered 07-05-DG.
1968 400GT2+2 #0890 Email any information on this car's history to Manny Carrillo at
No Photo
1967 P400 Miura #3153 Prod. #75. 6 Oct 1967. Blue/Mustard. May now be Yellow. Sold new to Eskandar Aryeh of Iran. Whereabout presently unknown. Any information on this car would be appreciated.
P400 Miura. Grey Metallic with Cagnac interior and SV headlights. License #DC-OA56, Germany.
P400 Miura. English registration #EUC 561V. LHD, SV headlights and non-standard rear-lights.
No Photo
1972 Miura SV. The 1972 New York Auto Show displayed a very beautiful and rare Lamborghini Miura SV, black in color. The owner of this car is searching for original pictures of this car from that 1972 and would appreciate any help. Please email any leads or information to us, or send prints of these directly to our offices.
ISLERO. This late 1st series Islero had come to the USA in the late 1980s from South Africa. It changed hands several times before disappearing in the area of New York City in about 1994. Please e-mail me with any leads you know of as I would very much like to visit with the owner and record its interesting history. Besides the unusual color, it should be easy to identify by the extra headlight cut into the grill below the bumper.
Espada Series I.This is a very early SI Espada pictured at Freddy Heineken's premises in 1968/1969.
Espada Series II #8206. Presently in Australia with B. Simpson. If anyone has info they can give on this car's early history please email Mr. Simpson at
Espada Series III. Spotted in Vancouver, Canada as recent as the mid 1980's.
Jarama. Dutch traders plates 41-58-FH.
Jarama. #10258. Possibly the 1972 Paris Show Car with factory front and rear treaments. Confrimation and early history required.
Jarama SVR. On display in Tonino Lamborghini's Museum in Rosso, Italy.
COUNTACH LP400. Year unknown. Registered in the Arab Emirates (Umm al Quwain) with registration #2222 in 1981. Seen in the UK
COUNTACH LP5000QV. Year unknown. This rhd QV with British registration 25 ASM, was photographed in 1989 in London at the Portman premises.
COUNTACH LP5000QV. Year unknown. We are looking for further information on this diamond black Countach QV with matching wheels. The car had registration F-MS-188 from Frankfurt, Germany and no wing.
1977 CHEETAH. Photographs and further history required on this car. Please email any info, photos of drawings to us or mail directly to our office at the address on our introductory page.
Urraco P300 #20494. This Urraco was built in February 1977 and first registered in France in May 1977, It was black will all tan leather interior and black leather dashboard. It had been repainted in mettalic grey in early eighties by a previous owner. It is presently owned by Eric Thomassey, of France, who is searching for more history on this car.
LM002. This LM registered BN-PP-822 has a camouflage paint job.

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