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Lamborghini Registry Mar 2013 Newsletter

With the recent back to back, Dec/Jan sales of Silhouette #40070, emails have been flying into our offices enquiring as to our thoughts on current Silhouette values as compared to these sales and speculating on an upcoming summer auction offering of another Silhouette scheduled for Pebble Beach in August. Historically, Silhouettes have always been solid investments due to their low production numbers, power to weight ratios and open air option, as opposed to their Urraco and heavier Jalpa counterparts. But nailing down values on models in limited numbers that rarely change hands can be difficult and is mostly speculative at best. But let's see if we can't come close...

In the last 6 years we've seen very few known sales of Silhouettes take place. The earliest of these took place in early 2007 with an American sale of #40104 at a seemingly low $42,995 US through a dealer after only a few months in their showroom. In our opinion the new owner got a deal here and will no doubt see an improvement on his investment at any point in the future.

The next offering came through Coys in the UK with a RHD example, #40088 in Oct of 2008. Estimates were an optimistic £38,000 - 42,000 GBP which at the time converted to $67,000 - 75,000 US. Unfortunately bidding did not reach the reserve and this car was a "No Sale!" Only two months late Coys brought #40088 to the block again, this time at a more reasonable estimate of £28000 - 35,000 GBP which equaled $41,500 - 52,000 US, a significant drop but more in line with that of #40104 sold only a year and a half earlier. Unbelievably, this time resulted again in "No Sale" and the owner wasn't about to risk a third strike.

Two years later in 2010, RM Auctions brought #40066 to Monterey, CA in August 2010 with a hopeful estimate of $70,000 - $90,000 US and "No Reserve." Likely this brought out some hopeful bidders thinking they might walk away with a deal on a rare car and #40066 was sold for $60,500 US while not reaching the low estimate, an apparent deal indeed.

After 2 years of privately offering #40070 at $95,000 this car was also offered in 2010 at Monterey, CA, though on Russo and Steele's stand which resulted in "No Sale" at an unknown final hammer.

A little over a year late in Sept 2011 another Silhouette, with an unknown chassis number to us, was offered privately at $65,000 US with no sale.

But some good news was on the horizon by April 2012 as another RHD example became available privately and sold at an astounding $101,500 US* (*currency converted), although this sale was unknown to most Lamborghini enthusiasts. RHD cars do always prove to be anomalies as markets are limited and depending on tastes at the time these can result in prices higher or lower than market as can be seen from 40088's "No Sales." With only 9 RHD Silhouettes built this car must have come up at just the right time and place to make this seller happier than most.

Which brings us around to the most recent consecutive sales of #40070. After many attempts to sell this car the owner finally did in December 2012 for $65,000. The new owner promptly listed the car on ebay and walked away a month later with a $7,900 profit. Not a bad month's work!

So what does all of this mean for Silhouette values? No one can ever really tell precisely what will happen given the right auction room and publicity offered. But given the evidence above one can conservatively estimate values somewhere in the $60,000 - $70,000 range. Of course, "Car Week" in Monterey, CA this summer and enthusiasts itching to own something rare and "affordable" can change this in a heartbeat.

And to wrap up you may wish to check out the 6 new Silhouette pages added to our site. Links below... Glen Kohut

Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut
Managing Editor


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Miura 3952   

Coys, Birmingham, UK - Jan 12, 2013...
1961 1/R Tractor #17627 - Sold for $13,399 US

Salon Rétromobile, Paris - 8 Feb 2013...

1969 Espada S1 #7090 - Sold for $60,407.80 US
1970 Miura S #4419 - Sold for $55,5019.25 US
1985 Countach LP5000 QV #FLA12824 - Sold for $199,069.04

Bonhams - Paris, The Grand Palais - 7 Feb 2013...
1970 Espada S2 #8011 - Sold for $73,411.34 US

Bonhams - Boca Raton, FL, USA - 23 Feb 2013...
1973 Espada S3 #9128 - Sold for $60,500 US

RM Auctions - The Don Davis Collection
Fort Worth, TX, USA - 27 April 2013...
Lot 138 1965 350GT #0262

Gooding & Company - Amelia Island Auction
FL, USA - 8 March 2013...
Lot 33 1968 Islero GT #6243

Pebble Beach Auction
Monterey, CA, USA - 17-18 August 2013...

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Silhouette 40070   

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New pages added...
Silhouettes #40040, #40068, #40070, #40076, #40088, #40104,

At present we have 1980 individual cars photographed out of 24,000+ cars built.


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