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Lamborghini Registry January 2014 Newsletter

The holiday season has come and gone and hopefully you didn't spend it like me, sick at home, in bed for days with the flu. That didn't, however, stop me from staying glued to my computer watching Lamborghini's Hexagon Project video series waiting to get the first glimpse of the new Huracan and later downloading the press release and searching for more photos. I bet more than a few of us were wishing we were right along with those 3 guys in the videos who sneaking into the factory late at night and taking one of the prototypes out for some quick laps of the factory yard and a few donuts, at least up until getting caught and hauled off to who knows where. It certainly wasn't to a showroom to pick out their very own free example of the Huracan

As January starts Lamborghini have begun showing off the Huracan (pronounced Ooh-ra-cahn') to select clients at private viewings worldwide and from what I hear a lot of those invited have placing orders eager to be the first in their city to have the one first cars to show off and enjoy. The rest of us continue to wait on our first encounters and the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March.
Glen Kohut

Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut
Managing Editor

Veneno Roadster   
20 December 2013

The new Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4: A new dimension in Luxury Super Sports Cars

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Russo & Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 15-19 Jan 2014
Lot #7070 - 1966 350GT #0148

RM Auctions, Paris, FR, 5 Feb 2014
Lot 33 - 1971 Miura S #4863
Lot 1 - Lamborghini Countach 'Koenig' by Benedict Radcliffe, 2007

RM Auctions, Amelia Island, FL, USA, 8 Mar 2014
Lot - 1986 Countach LP5000 QV DD
   Wire Frame Countach

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