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Lamborghini Registry December 2014 Newsletter
Canadian Winter Driving Aventador
I would have to guess that by now most of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing some degree of winter, some places mush worse than others. So for most Lamborghini owners that means your cars are either safely tucked away in storage or hopefully, shipped to warmer climates for a holiday driving experience. In countries like Canada and a few others the onset of winter could mean up to 6 months spent only looking at your precious car or maybe the down time is wisely being used getting some major servicing out or the way to get the car ready for next year. But for a brave few like the above Vancouver, BC, Canada owner nothing will getting between them and their Lamborghini and the cars are driven year round, rain or shine, or even snow. Bravo to them and thanks to one of our favourite Canadian photographers, Marcel Lech for taking this awesome photo.
Glen Kohut

Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut
Managing Editor

27 November 2014

The New Reiter Gallardo Extenso R-EX
Wider, lighter, more powerful!

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   Reiter Gallardo
Academia Dubai   
27 November 2014

Lamborghini holds first Middle East Accademia in Dubai First driving academy for Middle East Lamborghini clients at Dubai Autodrome

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28 November 2014

Dubai opening of the first exclusive Collezione Automobili Lamborghini fashion outlet

Abdulaziz Al Rasheed Trading Brings the Region’s First Collezione Automobili Lamborghini Fashion Store to Dubai Mall

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   Fiamme Oro
Countach LP5000S   

Bonhams, Zoute Sale, Belgium, 10 Oct 2014
1984 Countach LP5000S #ELA12708 - Sold for $421,356.96 US


Bonhams, Oxford, UK, 7 Dec 2014
Lot 350 - 1986 LM002 #KLA12062

RM Auctions, Arizona, USA, 14-16 Jan 2015
Lot 237 - 1979 Countach LP400S1 #1121096
Lot 114 - 1988 Countach LP50000 QV #JLA12322
Lot 119 - 1971 Miura SVJ #4892
Lot 212 - 1970 Miura P400S #4707
Lot 234 - 1989 LM002 #KLA12156
Lot 259 - 1973 Espada S3 #9448
Lot 110 - 1975 Urraco P111 #15878

Gooding, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 16-17 Jan 2015
Lot 137 - 1972 Jarama GT #10096
Lot 61 - 1983 Countach LP5000S #DLA12607
Lot 131 - 1988 LM002 #JLA12120
Lot 117 - 1968 400GT 2+2 #01213
Lot 113 - 1970 Miura P400 S #4413

Mecum, Kissimee, FL, USA, 16-25 Jan 2015
Lot S169 - 1989 Countach 25th
Lot F226 - 1991 Diablo
Lot S195.1 - 2003 Murcielago
   LM002 KLA12156
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LM002 #LLA12198, #LLA12200, #LLA12202, #LLA12212, #LLA12220, #LLA12222, #LLA12228 & #LLA12229.

At present we have 2107 individual cars photographed out of 29,000+ cars built.

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