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Lamborghini Registry November 2015 Newsletter
Concept S
Of all the models to roll through the doors of Lamborghini or any other manufacturer for that matter, it is typically the limited editions, prototypes and one-offs that stir the most excitement when showcased on the stands of international motor shows, the lawns of the most exclusive concourse or rarer still in the wild on the streets. These are cars so rare they are referred to by mere mortals as made of unobtainium, cars so progressive and outlandish in their styling that they typically end up proudly on display in museums of manufacturers and styling houses that create them, a testament to the posibilities that exist in the evolution of a model that rarely make it into production versions, and so rare they never, ever find their way into the hands of the general public!

On very few, rare occasions the rarest of such cars are released into the wild to very special clients. In the case of the drivable version of the Gallardo Concept S its new home would be among other Lamborghinis in a private Canadian collection making a few rare appearances on special occasions and by special request.

Today the owner has been slowly parting with some of his long held treasures including the very desirable Concept S. It will be auctioned off by RM Sotheby's on Dec 10 in NY. Let's hope the new owner continues to share this important car with its admiring public.
Glen Kohut

Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut
Managing Editor

29 September 2015

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Customer Team Lineup Continues to Grow with Addition of Paul Miller Racing

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   Huracan GT3
Countach 25th   

Auctions America, Hilton Head Island, SC, 31 Oct 2015
1989 Countach 25th #KLA12499 - Sold for $343,750 US


Keno Brothers, New York, NY, USA, Nov 19, 2015
Lot 100 - 1969 Miura S #4377
Lot 110 - 2013 Aventador 50th #ELA02242
Lot 125 - 1989 Countach 25th #KLA12478
Lot 131 - 1998 Diablo GTR #YLA12560
Lot 139 - 1999 Diablo GT #XLA12381

Leake Auctions, Dallas, TX, USA, Nov 21, 2015
Lot 2455 - 2006 Gallardo Spider
Lot 479 - 2008 Gallardo Spider
Lot 497 - 2007 Gallardo Spider

Coys, True Greats Auction, London, UK, Dec 1, 2015
Lot 321 - 1984 Countach LP5000S #ELA12675
Lot 314 - 1991 Diablo #MLA12255

RM Sothebys, New York, NY, USA, Dec 10, 2015
Lot 212 - 2006 Gallardo Concept S #6LA00001
Lot 226 - 1981 Countach LP400S3 #1121316
Lot 202 - 1972 Miura SV #5014
   Concept S
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Jalpa #DLA12067 & #HLA12341, Countach LP5000S #DLA12562, Countach LP5000S Twin Turbo #ELA12712, Diablo VT 6.0 #1LA12679, Gallardo Superlegga #8LA06962.

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