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Lamborghini Registry December 2015 Newsletter
Huracan LP580-2 Revealed
For anyone who loves to have the first of an exciting new model 2015 has been a very expensive year. Lamborghini has certainly kept its enthusiastic buyers busy writing deposit cheques this year, if anybody out there still writes cheques, that is, because 2015 has seen the most new Lamborghini model introductions ever with the addition of the new Aventador SV and Roadster SV, the Huracan Spyder and just this past month the new 2 wheel drive version of the Huracan with the Los Angeles, CA unveiling of the LP 580-2. And that doesn't include the soon to be unveiled to the public limited edition Centenario, a model designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lamborghini's founder Ferrucio Lamborghini on 28 April 1916. The Centenario was shown behind closed doors in Monterey this past August to a hand full of dealers and a select few of Lamborghini's special clientele who might possibly be interested and able to afford the multi-million dollar price tag for what will surely be the most extreme Lamborghini following the Veneno and Veneno Roadsters of only 2 short years ago. The Car will undoubtedly impress and take its rightful place of honour among Lamborghini's other legendary specials. But if your bank account can't handle such an extreme price tag perhaps the LP 580-2 will fit more in your budget with this latest entry level "affordable" Lamborghini. Full details, photos and specs are available below.
Glen Kohut

Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut
Managing Editor

Miura S   
06 November 2015

Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4: Model Year 2016 Product Updates

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17 November 2015

The rear-wheel drive Lamborghini Huracán LP 580-2: the essence of driving fun

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   Huracan GT3
Miura S   
19 November 2015

Automobili Lamborghini and OMP Racing signs exclusive licensing agreement

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19 November 2015

Lamborghini reveals latest super sports car ahead of Los Angeles Auto Show

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   Huracan GT3
Miura S   
22 November 2015

In the Sebring World Final of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo World Final, Patrick Kujala (PRO), Corey Lewis (PRO-AM), Ryan Ockey (AM), Jake Rattenbury and Brandon Gdovic (Gallardo PRO-AM and AM) are Crowned Champions

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27 November 2015

Now Available at the Design Super Market “La Rinascente” in Milan the Luggage Range by Automobili Lamborghini and Tecknomonster

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   Luggage Available
Miura S   

Bonhams, Zoute Sale, 9 Oct 20155
1989 Countach 25th KLA12820 - DNS

Keno Brothers, New York, NY, USA, Nov 19, 2015
1969 Miura S #4377 - Sold for $974,400 US
2013 Aventador 50th #ELA02242 - Sold for $504,000 US
1989 Countach 25th #KLA12478 - DNS
1998 Diablo GTR #YLA12560 - DNS
1999 Diablo GT #XLA12381 - Sold for $616,000 US

Leake Auctions, Dallas, TX, USA, Nov 21, 2015
2006 Gallardo Spider - DNS at $90,000
2008 Gallardo Spider - DNS at $87,000
2007 Gallardo Spider - Sold for $88,000 US


Coys, True Greats Auction, London, UK, Dec 1, 2015
Lot 321 - 1984 Countach LP5000S #ELA12675
Lot 314 - 1991 Diablo #MLA12255

RM Sothebys, New York, NY, USA, Dec 10, 2015
Lot 212 - 2006 Gallardo Concept S #6LA00001
Lot 226 - 1981 Countach LP400S3 #1121316
Lot 202 - 1972 Miura SV #5014

Mecum, Kissimmee, USA, Jan 15-24, 2016
Lot S165 - 2006 Gallardo
Lot T212 - 1989 Countach 25th

Russo and Steele, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, Jan 27-31, 2016
Lot 5199 - 1966 350GT #0148
Lot 5088 - 2007 Gallardo Spyder #
Lot 5091 - 2014 Aventador Roadster #

Urraco P250S #15042, #15464 & #15662, Urraco P300 #20064, Espada S1 #7162, Espada S2 #7719 & #8770, Espada S3 #9300, Countach LP5000QV DD #GLA12997.

At present we have 2159 individual cars photographed out of 29,000+ cars built.

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