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Lamborghini Registry April 2016 Newsletter
Centenario Introduction
The Geneva Motor Show has come and gone and this year brought the public unveiling of the Centenario limited edition coupe to celebrate the 100th anniversary since Ferruccio Lamborghini's birth. The all carbon fibre body was truly spectacular and while not as extreme or wild as the previous limited edition Veneno this car it still impressed and met with rave reviews as it lit up social media around the globe. No doubt the 20 future owners who placed deposits for he unseen car last year were pleased to see what they had coming to them with deliveries expected to start later this year. Congratulations were well deserved all around. Be sure to check out the press release below as well as other offerings on display from Lamborghini at the Geneve Motor Show. Several links appear in the Recent Updates section below.
Glen Kohut
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Glen Kohut, Managing Editor

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2 March 2016

Mitja Borkert is the new Director of Centro Stile Lamborghini

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   Mitja Borkert
1 March 2016

The Lamborghini Centenario at 2016 International Geneva Motor Show: futuristic design honours the Lamborghini legend

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2 March 2016

Lamborghini introduces a Huracán Special Edition at the Geneva Motor Show: the Huracán LP 610-4 Avio

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   Huracan Avio Introduced
2015 Best Year in Company History   
3 March 2016

Automobili Lamborghini makes 2015 the best year in company history

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4 March 2016

Lamborghini partners with Microsoft: Lamborghini Centenario is cover car for next Forza game on Xbox.

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   Centenario Cover Car
JEC Award   
9 March 2016

Lamborghini wins the Innovation Award at the JEC Composites 2016.

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10 March 2016

Winkelmann and Domenicali meet Lamborghini employees with the presence of Audi board members

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   Winkelman and Domenicali
Polo Storico Celebrates Miura 50th   
11 March 2016

Lamborghini Polo Storico celebrates Miura 50 anniversary at Amelia Island with restored Miura SV 1971 Geneva show car

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14 March 2016

Lamborghini Miura Event at Amelia Island

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   Miura Event at Amelia Island
Winter Accademia Concludes 2016   
17 March 2017

Lamborghini Winter Accademia concludes its successful 2016 program

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22 March 2016

Production Record for Automobili Lamborghini: 5,000 Aventadors Produced in 55 Months

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   5000 Aventadors
Lamborghini Track and Play   
28 March 2016

Lamborghini Track and Play

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31 March 2016

Lamborghini Squadra Corse Launches the Kart Drivers Program

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   Kart Drivers Program

Silverstone, Restoration Sale, UK, 6 March 2016
1982 Jalpa CLA12067 - Sold for $112,040 US
1999 Diablo SV #XLA12330 - Sold for $248,080 US

Coys, Spring Classics, London, UK, March 8, 2016
1984 Countach LP5000S - Sold for $360,790 US

Bonham’s, Amelia Island, March 10, 2016
1990 Countach 25th #KLA12923 - DNS
2005 Murcielago Roadster #5LA01543 - Sold for $210,000 US

Gooding, Amelia Island, March 11, 2016
1973 Espada S3 #9060 - Sold for $90,000 US
1965 350GT #0343 - DNS

Motostalgia, Amelia Island, March 12, 2016
1999 Diablo VT Roadster XLA12348 - DNS
2010 Lamborghini LP 650 ALA03902 - DNS

Claude Aguttes, Lyon, FR, March 12, 2016
1974 Urraco P250 #15618 - Sold for $81,000 US
1994 Diablo #MLA12368 - Sold for $144,720 US


Coys, Techno Classica, Germany, 9 April 2016
Lot 165 - 1987 Countach QV #HLA12140
Lot 165 - 2007 Murcielago LP640 #7LA02609

Coys Ascot, UK, 16 April 2016
Lot 101 - 1955 DL25 Tractor #0635

Coys, Legende et Passion, Monaco, 14 May 2016
Lot 131 - 1985 Countach QV #FLA12880
Lot 158 - 1961 3352R Tractor #4957
Lot 170 - 2001 Diablo GT #YLA12555

RM Sotheby's, Monaco, 14 May 2016
Lot 230 - 1966 350GT #0391
Lot 219 - 1978 Countach LP400 S1 #1121028
Lot 241 - 1995 Diablo SE30 Jota #0RLA12132

Silverstone Auctions, Aarhus Auction, 28 May 2016
Lot 215 - 2002 Murcielago LP620 #2LA12084
   Countach QV

Huracan Spyders #GLA04473 & #GLA04421, Huracan Avio #GLA04383 & #GLA04708 , Huracan LP580-2 #GLA04396, Aventador Roadster #GLA04859, #GLA05000, Centenario #HLA04809.

At present we have 2173 individual cars photographed out of 29,000+ cars built.

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