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Lamborghini Registry September 2016 Newsletter
Centenario Roadster
When Lamborghini unveil one of their very Limited Edition Super Sports Cars in coupe form its almost a given that they was also release a roadster version in very short order, typically within 6 months to a year. With such a forgone conclusion I should have no excuse for being caught off guard this past month by the unveiling the Centenario Roadster in Monterey. Perhaps it was because the car was as yet unseen by the public and not even a whisper was leaked as to the coming intro. Yeah, let's go with that. Regardless, the car is here and it looks and sounds fantastic. See more in the press release and accompanying photos below.

Additionally, the auction market has also solidly given us the final word as to where car values currently sit. Market highs leave people thinking they will continue the trend and once they start to crest out come all sorts of offerings by people hoping to cash in at the top. But that is also exactly when the market signals it's too late with the numerous "No Sales" on cars that did not meet the reserve bids their owners placed on their treasure during Monterey Auction Week. Let's how long it takes to rebound and match or exceed values we saw last year and the year before. It'll for sure keep me glued to this fall and winter's list of auction results.
Glen Kohut
Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut, Managing Editor

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Centenario Roadster   
19 August 2016

Lamborghini Unveils Centenario Roadster in California, USA: Fluid open air elegance meets engineering brilliance

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26 August 2016

Worlwide premiere of Valentino Balboni’s exhaust at Concorso Italiano

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   VB Exhaust

Mecum, Monterey, CA, USA, August 18-20, 2016
1988 Countach LP5000 QV #JLA12332 - DNS at $325,000 US
1997 Diablo VT Roadster #VLA12770 - DNS AT $240,000
1972 Jarama GT #10258 - DNS AT $70000 US
1989 Countach 25TH #KLA12699 - DNS AT $220,000 US
1969 Islero GTS #6531 - DNS AT $300,000 US
1989 Countach 25TH #KLA12672 - DNS AT $200,000 US
1986 Countach QV #GLA12886 - DNS AT $400,000 US
1998 Diablo SV #WLA12955 - DNS AT $180,000 US
1976 Silhouette #40002 - Sold for $130,000 US
1968 Miura P400 #3315 - Sold for $790000 US
1995 Diablo VT #SLA12313 - DNS at $125,000 US

Bonhams, Quail Lodge, Monterey, CA, August 19, 2016
1955 DL25 Tractor - Sold for $110,000 US
2008 Reventon #8LA03148 - DNS

Historic at Brooklands, UK, Aug 20, 2016
1995 Diablo VT - DNS

Gooding, Pebble Beach, CA, August 20-21, 2016
1968 400GT 2+2 #01294 - Sold for $390,500
1971 Miura P400 SV #4920 - Sold for $2,255,000
1976 Countach LP400 #1120154 - DNS
1966 350GT #0316 - Sold for $726,000

RM Sotheby’s, Monterey, CA, August 19, 2016
1989 Countach 25th KLA12499 - Sold for $231,000 US
1999 Diablo VT Roadster XLA12197 - Sold for $302,500
1972 Miura P400 SV #3673 - DNS


Silverstone Auctions, Salon Prive Sale, 3 Sept 2016
Lot 217 - 1974 Jarama S RHD #10608
Lot 228 - 2016 Aventador SV Roadster #GLA05066

RM Sotheby’s, London, 7 Sept 2016
Lot 135 - 1999 Diablo GT #XLA12309
Lot 149 - 1993 Diablo VT #RLA12958
Lot 182 - 2010 Murciélago LP 670-4 SV #ALA04024

Bonhams, Goodwood Revival, UK, 10 Sept 2016
Lot 165 - 1974 Espada S3 #9414
Lot 116 - 1990 Countach 25th #KLA12815
Lot 145 - 1991 Diablo 2wd #NLA12624
Lot 134 - 1997 Diablo SV #WLA12872
   Diablo SV

Jarama GT #10258, Jarama GTS #10608, Diablo SV Roadster #XLA12292, Reventon #8LA03148 .

At present we have 2178 individual cars photographed out of 29,000+ cars built.

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