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Lamborghini Registry January 2018 Newsletter
Lamborghini Urus Introduction
2018 is finally here and the introduction of the new Urus SSUV has facially arrived. Check the press release and photos from the link below. We look forward to seeing these start appearing in showrooms worldwide and hopefully some entries to the Urus Registry will follow soon.

It should be noted that 2018 is the 50th anniversaries of the introductions of both the Lamborghini Islero and Espada models. Celebrations are set tp take place worldwide with only the Concorso Italiano dates being announced so far. We will mention more as announcements come in and do watch for many, many additions to the Islero and Espadas Registries as we join in the celebrating here.

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Glen Kohut
Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut, Managing Editor

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Urus Collection   
12 December 2017

Collezione Automobili Lamborghini celebrates the Urus Super SUV with a special edition of co-branded personalized collections

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4 December 2017

The new Lamborghini Urus The world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle

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   Urus Intro
LM002 at RM Sothebys Icons in New York   

Coys, True Greats, London, UK, 5 Dec 2017
1990 Countach 25th #KLA12031 - Sold for $389,695 US

RM Sotheby's, Icons, New York, USA, 6 Dec 2017
1990 LM/American #LLA12186 - Sold for $467,000 US
1989 Countach 25th #KLA12608 - Sold for $268,800 US


RM Sotheby's, Arizona, USA, 18-19 Jan 2018
Lot 160 - 1991 Diablo #MLA12283
Lot 169 - 2014 Aventador LP720-4 50th #ELA02242
Lot 224 - 2001 Diablo VT 6.0 #71LA12645
Lot 255 - 2008 Murciélago Roadster #8LA02736

Russo and Steele, Arizona, 13-16 Jan 2018
Lot 2258 - 1975 Urraco P111
Lot 2051 - 2007 Gallardo Spyder

Gooding, Scottsdale, 19-20 Jan 2018
Lot 063 - 2010 Murciélago Roadster #ALA03871
Lot 126 - 1965 350GT #0253
Lot 129 - 1991 Diablo #MLA12185

RM Sotheby's, Paris, 7 Feb 2018
Lot - 1970 Espada S2 #7725
Lot - 1967 400GT 2+2 #01285

RM Sotheby's, Monaco, UK, 12 May 2018
Lot - 2018 Huracan RWD #HLA06894
   Urraco P111 at Russo and Steele Arizona 2018

Espada S1 7299, Espada S2 7897, Polizia Huracan FLA00151, Pope Francis Huracan LP580-2 RWD HLA06894, Aventador Pirelli Edition Roadster GLA04496 and Coupe GLA04647.

At present we have 2266 individual cars photographed out of 37,000+ cars built.

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