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Glen Kohut - Site Manager
Glen Kohut - Site Manager

Joe Sackey - Photographer, Countach/Miura Specialist
Joe Sackey - Enthusiast, owner, historian.

Paul Clemence - Photographer
Paul Clemence - Photographer

Marcel de Lange - Photographer
Marcel de Lange - Photographer

Raymond Stofer - Photographer
Raymond Stofer - Photographer

Welcome to the International Lamborghini Registry, the most comprehensive Lamborghini website on the internet.

Our Purpose
Our organization of enthusiasts was brought together to find and eventually document every Lamborghini automobile ever produced and make this information easily accessible to through this web site.

It is our goal, that through our efforts, we may be able to dispell some myths, present the facts, introduce the owners and collectors, the race drivers and enthusiasts, and present the most thorough coverage of Lamborghini news and events.

We invite all to participate by sending information and photos to our office by regular mail or by email by using the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of this page.

Read the Canadian newspaper article that was written in 2000 about how our site got it's start.


Why the need for such a registry?
Around 1995-1996, Lamborghini management, under Mike Kimberley, had ordered the destruction of the factory's archives. Most, if not all commercial files, invoices, letters, registers and other documents, wound up in the shredder destroying precious parts of the legendary company's history, maybe to eliminate embarrassing comparisons between the illustrious past and the modern present.

This left historians, owners and enthusiasts without complete historical records of their beloved vehicles, other than what had been recorded by outside sources. In many instances, errors of one type or another have been made in such refernce works, raising questions and increasing confusion among many.

Privacy Policy
It is not our desire to expose owners to any unwanted attention. We are therefore willing to cooperate with any who wish that their names be omitted from any pages that appear on this site.

It is also our policy not to give out any personal contact information of owners or anyone contributing to this site, unless permission is specifically given that this may be done.

We hope this will set at ease any who have concerns in this regard, and will encourage all owners to continue to contribute photos and information to this site with confidence that such personnal information will remain private.

The views, information & opinions expressed by our contributors are not necessarily endorsed by the owners and managers of the International Lamborghini Registry, and accepts no liability thereof.

The Registry will consider any information put forth that disputes the history of any car in order to establish what is correct. Documentary evidence in support of or against anything posted is very welcome and encouraged. As such, it is understood that what is posted cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate, but with the continued help of all interested parties, the Registry will endeavor to further seek and establish what is correct, which is in fact, its mission.

The International Lamborghini Registry is solely owned and operated by Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts and is in no way associated with Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. of Italy.

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