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Lamborghini Art
Lamborghini Art
In recent years the art world has only just begun to recognize Lamborghinis as the subject of paintings. For years there have been numerous artist concentrating heavily on Ferraris, almost ignoring other makes entirely. Happily, this is all beginning to change with Lamborghini enthusiasts benefiting...
Guy Allen Countach LP400
Guy Allen
Famous for his illustrations appearing in Octane magazine Guy Allen is now making his prints available for purchase and also does commissioned artwork of owner vehicles too.
Ground Level Flight
Michael Goettner
The artist who seems to have gotten things roling recently has been Michael Goettner of Concepts Illustrated. His first work on the Lamborghini theme is entitled Ground Level Flight and we look forward to his next piece depicting a Diablo.
Jay Koka
Wings was shown at the '98 Pebble Beach Concours, this exciting painting by wellknown Ferrari artist Jay Koka marks his debut into the world of Lamborghinis. We are quite excited by his presence and hope to see more from him.
Millenium Diablo
Jay Koka
4 years since Wings (above) was released has been well worth the wait. Unfortunately, Millenium Diablo was a private commissioned work. Hopefully it will be available as a litho soon.
Lussori Gallardo
Jay Koka
This 2007 painting pictures a yellow Gallardo in front of Lussori in Carmel, CA, USA.
Black Gallardo
Jay Koka
This painting pictures a black Gallardo on the lawn. Prints not yet available.
Steven Samuel
4407, the ex-Frank Sinatra Miura skillfully captured in this limited edition print currently available through the artist.
Benito Chavarria
Reflections on a Diablo by Benito Chavarria. We hope to see more Lamborghinis from him soon.
Colin Jackson
One in a series of Bulls in ink on canvass to be available soon.
Andre Dietrich
Andre Dietrich
A beautiful watercolor.
Hideki Yoshida
Hideki Yoshida
Miura interior by Hideki Yoshida of Paris.
Sylvie Mantovani
Sylvie Mantovani
Watercolor of a yellow Miura rotting in a field.
Nick Papanicolaou
Nick Papanicolaou
Hand drawn Limited Edition Print of Walter Wolf's LP400S.
Road Tripping Circa 2015
John Berkey
Road Tripping Circa 2015
Ferruccio Lamborghini
Steffen Imhof
Ferruccio Lamborghini
Future Diablo
De Lusis
Future Diablo
Mireille Boussoutroux Ripley
Miura Country
Diablo SE30
Christian Reese Lassen
Lamborghini ART? Or Canvass? This painting of Dolphins was done by Christian Reese Lassen on a Diablo SE30 in 1997.
Kastner Diablo
Christian Kastner
Lamborghini ART? Or Canvass? Part 2 - This tribal paint scheme was done by Christian Kastner of Germany, on an early 2wd Diablo.

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