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Lamborghini Diablo SE30
Diablo SE30 (150 Made 1994)


Only 25 of this Exotic Sports Cars were sold to the U.S. market.

The first production Lamborghini in 1964 evoked the passion of motoring enthusiasts worldwide. Today, 30 years later, Automobili Lamborghini continues to stir the passion among gentleman drivers with its leading edge styling and performance. The legendary Lamborghini heritage and its current renaissance is further personified in its new limited-production Lamborghini Diablo Special Edition.

The Diablo SE is not simply a namesake commemorative edition, it represents a significant technological progression of today's contemporary Diablo. Automobili Lamborghini's designers applied state-of-the-art engineering techniques to enhance the Diablo SE's performance, handling and comfort.

Worldwide production of the Diablo SE is limited to 150, and of those, 25 had been built exclusively for sale in the North American market.

The company's goal for the Diablo SE was to thrill the demanding driver and satisfy his eager expectations for an unparalleled sports car that was equally suited for everyday driving and on-track racing. The Diablo SE fulfills that pledge by successfully unifying driver and car as one.

Throughout the Diablo SE are the telltale marks of the great Bolognan craftsmen. "It was the company's intent to pay tribute to its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, and to the followers of the Italian auto maker's world class accomplishments," commented Robert A. Braner, president and COO of Automobili Lamborghini USA, the exclusive U.S. factory distributor and marketing subsidiary of Lamborghini. "The Diablo SE exemplifies the successful blending of Italian style with the unparalleled performance of Lamborghini's celebrated 12 cylinder engine."

Styling Changes Evokes Passion

Undaunted by the formidable challenge of redesigning what many auto enthusiasts consider to be the preeminent exotic sports car, Diablo SE designers countered with a slightly more aggressive stance that resulted in increased aerodynamic efficiencies.

An original front bumper has been styled with new brake cooling intakes, while the rear bumper emphasizes the restyled classic rear wing. The new manufacturing process developed for the rear spoiler, with its active aerodynamic flap to accommodate the handling requirements of the driver, will serve as the design basis for future models.

One of the more striking aesthetic changes to the Diablo SE is the new engine cover which is highlighted by a series of louvers to improve aerodynamics and engine cooling. The roof line has also been dramatically extended to the tail and is reminiscent of earlier Lamborghinis like the Miura, Urraco and Bravo.

Interior Comfort

The classic balance of performance and comfort is achieved in the U.S.-specification Diablo SE with such standard features as an all-leather interior, Alpine CD changer, air conditioning and power steering. In contrast to the Diablo VT's black instrument gauges, the Diablo SE features white 30th anniversary instrumentation. A four-point safety harness embroidered with "Special Edition 30" is included as an accessory item and can be installed, as are provisions for a roll bar, for customers with racing ambitions.

Prominently mounted in the new ergonomically-designed steering wheel is the magnificent Lamborghini badge that was preserved in a cache of authentic spare parts dating back to 1963. These badges, with its trademark bull, are the original ones Ferruccio Lamborghini placed on the company's first car, the 350 GT. "It is a fitting reminder of the Lamborghini heritage and grandeur, inspiring the same emotion as it did with the first group of Lamborghini drivers 30 years ago," said Braner.

Engineering Advances

True to its world class sports heritage, Lamborghini continually seeks and refines new technology applications. The power output that Diablo SE customers will have at their disposal is considerable and to assist drivers in managing this tremendous torque, Lamborghini has added its TCS (traction control system) to the L.I.E. electronic unit for engine management.

When the driving wheels lose grip, sensors positioned on each wheel transfer messages to the electronic unit that manages the cylinder engine and fuel flow. When the sensors indicate slippage, it automatically reduces power output. An on-board switch inside the cockpit allows a manual choice of efferent selections.

Suggestive of the Diablo SE's racing aspirations is the new adjustable anti-roll bar which enables the driver to balance the stiffness between the front and rear suspension. This allows the more expert drivers to adapt the car to their driving style, an essential system to account for varying track and road surface conditions.

Another exciting feature of the Diablo SE is the refinement of the gearbox. Lamborghini left the classic synchronization for first and reverse gears, but for second, third, fourth and fifth gears there is a planned mating system typical of Formula One cars. This mating system is characterized by a strong sensation of fast and neat engagement.

Powered by the identical V-12, 492-horsepower engine as its Diablo VT counterpart, the Diablo SE can attain speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour and 0 - 60 mph times of 4.00 seconds, an industry benchmark. Drivers can obtain phenomenal performance in first and second gears alone, with recorded top speeds of 60.4 mph in first, followed by 91.7 mph in second.

In respect for the company's anniversary year, five new color choices will be offered exclusively for the Diablo SE. In addition to the variety of available standard paints, Lamborghini will offer magic red, titanium silver, deep metallic black, superfly yellow and Lamborghini "30," a violet metallic purple that was unveiled on the anniversary show car.

Speed, function and style. Three attributes that embody the Diablo SE and the 30 years of exceptional Lamborghini sports cars. It is this edict that will sustain the Lamborghini heritage and evoke new passion for the future models to be built in Sant'Agata.

The Lamborghini Diablo SE had an MSRP of $255,000 in he USA.

Distinguishing features of the Diablo SE include:
  • Original 1963 Lamborghini badge on steering wheel, previously used on the first-ever Lamborghini 350 GT
  • White instrumentation
  • Provisions for roll bar
  • Four-point safety harness (accessory item)
Body Styling
  • New front bumper design with brake cooling intakes
  • Modified rear bumper
  • Rear wing active aerodynamics
  • All-new carbon fiber rear engine cover that extends the roof line to the tail
  • 30th Anniversary SE badging
  • Magnesium OZ racing wheels
  • 18-inch rear rims
  • Cockpit adjustable anti-roll bar to balance stiffness between front and rear suspensions
  • Lightened and upgraded gearbox with a synchronized first and reverse; second through fifth gears utilize a planned mating system

Lamborghini Diablo SE30

TypeV12, Mid-longitudinal, Aluminum block and heads, chain driven DOHC per bank
Valves4 per cylinder
Bore/Stroke87mm x 80mm
Fuel SystemLamborghini LIE with port fuel injection
Max power525bhp @ 7,200rpm
Max torque428 lbs/ft @ 5,200rpm
Emission ControlsCatalytic converter / lambda sensor
Ignition SystemElectronic integrated with fuel injection
Fuel InjectionL.I.E. sequential multipoint electronic
T.C.S.Traction control system

Transmission5-speed manual + reverse
ClutchDry single plate 10"
Differential Bevel Gear TypeLimited slip 45%
Final-drive Ratio2.41:1
ClutchDry single plate 10"
Gear Ratios
1:2.31 - 60.4 mph
1:1.52 - 91.7 mph
1:1.12 - 124.4 mph
1:0.88 - 153.3 mph
1:0.68 - 201.9 mph1:2.12 - 65.6 mph

ChassisSteel rectangular tube high strength alloy and composite carbon fiber
BodyAluminum alloy and hand layup carbon fiber with autoclave system
Front & RearIndependent wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll adjustment from the cockpit, antidive, antisquat.
SteeringRack and pinion
Turning Radius512 in / 13 m
Turns Lock to Lock3.2
WheelsMagnesium casting, painted
- front8.5 x 17 inches
- rear13 x 18 inches
Front Tires235/40ZR-17 Pirelli P Zero
Rear Tires335/30ZR-18 Pirelli P Zero

TypePower Vacuum H system
Front13.0 x 1.3 in. ventilated and drilled discs
330 mm x 32 mm
Rear11.2 x 0.9 in. ventilated and drilled discs
284 mm x 22 mm
Wheelbase2650 mm / 104.3 in
Overall Length4507 mm / 177.4 in
Overall Width2040 mm / 80.3 in
Overall Height1105 mm / 43.5 in
Front Track1540 mm / 60.6 in
Rear Track1640 mm / 64.6 in
Ground Clearance130 mm / 5.1 in
Front Overhang977 mm / 38.5 in
Rear Overhang880 mm / 34.6 in
Weight (w/ fluids)1450 kg / 3196 in
Distribution Front/Rear
Head Room932 mm / 36.7 in
Leg Room1024 mm / 40.3 in
Shoulder Room1510 mm / 59.4 in
Hip Room800 mm / 31.5 in
Fuel Tank26.4 U.S. Gallons / 100 liters

Top speed207mph / 333km/h
0-60mph / 100 km/h4 sec
Fuel Consumption
- Highway
- City

14 mpg
9 mpg

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