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Lamborghini Registry September 2020 Newsletter
I think I wouldn't be too far off in guessing or assuming that the average, modern Lamborghini owner knows little of the history of the brand and the early cars that came before the models currently being produced by the factory. Correct me if I'm wrong. And when it comes to chassis numbers and VINs I'd dare to say they would likely not have knowledge of the importance of these and their connection to to detail behind that history.

To most Lamborghini owners, VINS are kept hidden and closely guarded as if revealing such would be allowing outsiders a peek at some big, dark, personal secret piece of information better kept to one's self. But to serious enthusiasts, the people tracing and recording history by the individual cars discovered by chance, VINs and chassis numbers are like gold itself, revealing a trail of life lived not by the owners of these treasures, but by the cars themselves.

And so this month we present a couple of excellent examples from the earliest production Urraco P250 to cars owned by royalty to the newest and greatest released and recorded example of the SCV12 recently spotted.

So enjoy! Bigger and more exciting things are coming soon...
Glen Kohut
Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut, Managing Editor

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Lamborghini Urraco P250 15000   

Urraco P250 #15000, Countach 25th #KLA12988, Koenig Diablo Roadster Conversion #NLA12557, Aventador SVJ Roadster #LLA10000, Essenza SCV12 #SCV12002.

At present we have 2433 individual cars photographed out of 45,000+ cars built.

Gooding, Passion of a Lifetime, London,UK, 5 Sept 2020
Lot 002 - 1971 Miura SV Speciale #4878
Lot 009 - 1965 350GT #0226

Artcurial, André Trigano Coll., Auriol, FR, 13 Sept 2020
Lot 182 - 1967 400GT 2+2 #1231

Historics, Ascot Racecourse, UK, 26th Sept 2020
Lot 36 - 2007 Gallardo Nera Edition #7LA04831
Lot 178 - 1985 Jalpa #FLA12209
Lot 200 - 2011 Gallardo #CLA11247
Lot 249 - 1986 Jalpa #GLA12298

Lamborghini Miura SV 5036 at Silverstone August 2020   

Silverstone, Classic Live Online, UK, 1 Aug 2020
1972 Miura SV RHD #5036 - Sold for $2,502,341 US

10 September 2020

New production record: Automobili Lamborghini celebrates the 10,000th Aventador

[read more]
   Automobili Lamborghini celebrates the 10000th Aventador

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