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Glen Kohut - Site Manager


Lamborghini site a registry of dreams
by Grant Yoxon
The Ottawa Citizen
Friday 31 March 2000

If you spend your days working in a darkroom developing pictures of cars, you either take an interest in automobiles or you get another job.

Glen Kohut opted for the first choice. Now his International Lamborghini Registry ( attracts attention from Lamborghini owners and automotive enthusiasts in general.

"I spent seven years with Auto Trader Magazine (in Winnipeg) as a darkroom technician, where I spent 60 hours a week looking at cars," said the 34-year-old graphic designer from Regina. "That's where my love for cars started to 'develop.' "

But his passion for the exotic Lamborghini sports cars began much earlier. "In 1981, Alpine Canada had a promotional tour with this new sound car of theirs that nobody had ever heard of. It was in town for a day at a local stereo shop. I can still remember approaching this thing as we pulled into the parking lot. Red and flat with doors tilted upward. It was amazing: a UFO had landed in our town and I saw it. Okay, maybe it wasn't a UFO but it was surely from out of this world; my world anyway."

This close encounter of the automotive kind launched Mr. Kohut into the automotive hobby, collecting car-related literature and other automobilia. Lamborghini was his first love, but there were others, including Ferrari.

"When my collection hit about 10,000 pieces I decided I needed to cut back and specialize. My collection of Ferrari material was my favourite, but I decided that I would have to sacrifice this, as I would never get the truly desirable pieces, and concentrate on Lamborghini."

With help from his younger brother, Mr. Kohut built a Web site to sell his unwanted literature and readily found buyers on the broad market of the Internet. The market worked both ways and his collection of Lamborghini literature grew, as did his knowledge of all things Lamborghini.

"Over the years I had also been collecting information and chassis numbers on Lamborghini cars and decided to start organizing this information on my new computer in the only way I knew how, as a Web site."

Thus was born the Canadian-based International Lamborghini Registry. The site includes photographs and information on 376 cars from around the world, including Corel CEO Michael Cowpland's white 1991 Diablo (no photo yet).

Every model built by Lamborghini is presented with excellent photographs and detailed historical and technical information gleaned from Mr. Kohut's vast collection of books and literature.

"It's amazing how much incorrect information has been written on these cars over the years," notes Mr. Kohut.

As well as the historical record and registry, the site has plenty more to attract visitors curious about this exotic brand. There is a full list of Lamborghini clubs from around the world -- Mr. Kohut has taken responsibility for the Canadian club.

Naturally, visitors will find the most complete listing of Lamborghini books, brochures and other literature, art, postcards and scale models.

Contributors from around the world help out by supplying Mr. Kohut with photos and chassis data for the registry. They also cover Lamborghini events, such as last year's Second Running of the Bulls from Beverly Hills to Monterey, California, and UK Italian Car Day at the historic Brooklands race track in England.

Of course, if you have an urge to buy a Lamborghini, the International Lamborghini Registry's want ads would be the place to look.

Even though Mr. Kohut has developed an internationally recognized expertise in the marque, there is no Lamborghini in his driveway yet. Not surprising, because a new Diablo retails for about $375,000 and used models are, well, not cheap.

But Mr. Kohut is hopeful this will change soon. "I would like to buy a Jalpa, the targa-topped muscular looking little brother to the Countach."

Grant Yoxon is managing editor of Canadian Driver ( Read previous columns at


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