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We at the International Lamborghini Registry appreciate the assistance we have received from around the globe. The accuracy of the information presented on these pages is dependant entirely on information received from many different sources. This information is compared with other sources and painstakingly researched in order to arrive at the most accurate results.

Any wishing to submit photos, vehicle histories, serial number lists and other information are invited to do so by e-mailing these to us or sending them by regular mail to the postal address below. Any emailed photo attachments (scanned at 150dpi) should be tightly cropped and saved as a jpeg at the highest quality setting. Please try to include the serial number of the vehicle as part of the file name and in the email subject line in order to make it easier for us to keep track of and better sort sumbissions and reference photos to information on individual cars.

What information do we require?

Send as much of the following that you are able to obtain:
  • Lamborghini Model & Variant (eg: Diablo SV Monterey)
  • Telaio/Chassis #/VIN # (and photo of I.D. plate)
  • Anno/Year
  • Motore/Engine #
  • Exterior Color (paint name and code # if possible)
  • Interior Color Name or closest estimate
  • Production date
  • Production #
  • Special Edition # (eg: Diablo SE30 #25/150) and photo of plaque
  • Special equipment or features (wing, special exhaust, wheels, etc.)
  • Any history you might care to share (dates of previous owners,
  • restorations, modifications, etc.)
  • Present location
  • Where photographed
  • Present owner full name and contact info (this info will not be listed unless specifically requested by you)
  • Attach a couple of photos (interior, exterior, engine, luggage space, front 3/4 view, rear 3/4 view, etc.). Please also rename the attached photos to include the chassis number and appropriate description (eg: #8502interior.jpg).

Thank you for your help.

International Lamborghini Registry
79 Melrose Avenue Avenue
Yorkton, Saskatchewan
S3N 1Z1   Canada

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