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Lamborghini Urraco P250 | Registry
Silver Prototype P250 #5

Urraco Suspension, Engine & Steering

P250 Urraco (520 Made 1972-1976)

Two initial design prototypes were built by Bertone both of very similar shape. One of these bore close resemblance to Ferrari's 308 GT4 2+2. Design elements were taken from both prototypes for the final car. Three preproduction prototypes were then constructed for further development. These three can be easily recognised by the higher position of their pop-up head lights. Later examples had these repositioned closer to the bumper. The "B" pillars on the doors of the prototypes were angled at 45 degrees where the production cars had a more vertical 60 degree slant. The prototypes also wore 20 hole vented Campagnolo wheels. These were replaced with 7" 15 hole vented Campagnolo wheels similar to the ones used on the LP400 Countach but wore low profile Michelin 205VR-14 tires.

The silver prototype was used in the factory's promotional literature and may have been refitted with a new dash and doors for resale. The yellow car was most likely the one destroyed in crash testing. Any further information on these two cars would be appreciated. The orange car was later modified by Bob Wallace as a personal "toy" dubbed by factory employees as the Urraco "Bob".

Production P250s sat on a 96.5 inch wheel with a 57.5 inch track both front and rear. Overall dimensions measured in at 167.3 inch length, 69.2 inch width, and 43.9 height. The V8 engine with 10.5:1 compression produced 220bhp at 7500rpm and 166ftlb at 5750rpm. The car had four vertically mounted Weber 40IDF-1 caburators, a standard 5-speed all-sycromesh gearbox, and 4.25:1 rear axle.

Standard equipment on the P250 included air conditioning, electric windows, tinted glass, leather upholstery and AM/FM radio.

Only 520 P250 Urracos were constructed. List price in 1975 was $22,500 in the US which is about the same for a used example today.

Lamborghini P 250 Urraco

Type90 Aluminum L240 V8, Transverse, Mid-Mounted, SOHC per bank
Valves2 per cylinder
Bore/Stroke86mm x 53mm
Carburation4 Twin-throat Weber 40 IDF 1
Max power220bhp @ 7,500rpm
Torque166 ft/lbs @ 5,750rpm

Gearbox5-speed + reverse, All-Syncromesh
ClutchSingle dry plate, hydraulically operated

ChassisIntegral chassis/body
SuspensionIndependent, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Axle Ratio16/68
BrakesGirling ventilated discs
WheelsCampagnolo cast magnesium
Tires205VR-14 Michelins

Overall Length4250 mm / 165.8 in
Overall Width1760 mm / 68.6 in
Overall Height1160 mm / 45.2 in
Wheelbase2450 mm / 95.5 in
Front Track1460 mm / 57 in
Rear Track1460 mm / 57 in
Weight1100 kg / 2420 lb
Fuel Tank80 L / 21 gal

Top speed230 km/h / 142.6 mph


URRACO P250 REGISTRY 15000 - 15300 - 15600 - 15900 - 15998

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