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Lamborghini Registry September 2013 Newsletter
Miuras at Pebble Beach 2013

August has come and gone and Car Week in Monterey did not disappoint. Along with the various Lamborghini 50th displays at several of the big shows came the biggest of these with Lamborghini's presentation of prototypes at Pebble Beach. But the biggest news of the month came on the auction stage with the largest number of offerings of Lamborghinis ever before seen in a single week anywhere in the world. The excitement connected to publicity surrounding Lamborghini's 50th celebrations worldwide likely had something to do with several auction records being set for more than a few models of including those at one time considered to be "entry level" models like the Espada and Jarama. While these cars are finally being recognized for being the great and rare cars that they are this will likely also be bad news for enthusiasts who delayed getting into Lamborghini ownership in a market that is starting to run away from them. It'll be interesting to see how this affects future sales prices in the months ahead.
Glen Kohut

Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut
Managing Editor

Bob Wallace   
Sept 19 - It is with great sadness that we report the death of former Lamborghini test driver Bob Wallace this past Thursday at the age of 75. Wallace recently missed the 50th anniversary celebrations in Italy in May due to poor health. He died on Sept 19th after suffering a heart attack while at his place of work. He will be missed.
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Statement by Stephan Winkelmann, President & CEO of Automobili Lamborghini
Aug 28, 2013
Collezione Automobili Lamborghini Presents its 2013 Fall-Winter Fashion Line
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Espada 7293   

Gooding & Co., Monterey, CA - 17-18 Aug 2013
1968 Islero GT - Sold for $247,500 US
1968 Espada S1 - Sold for $214,500 US
1965 Miura P400 Chassis - Sold for $473,00 US
1967 400GT Interim - Sold for $451,00 US

RM Auctions, Monterey, CA - 16-17 Aug 2013
1982 Countach 5000S - Sold for $198,000 US
1969 Miura S - No Sale at $610,000 US
1965 350GT - Sold for $742,500 US
1976 Urraco P300 - Sold for $57,750 US
1972 Jarama GT - Sold for $112,750 US

Bonhams, Quail Auction, Carmel, CA - 16 Aug 2013
1975 Countach LP400 - Sold for $836,000 US
Diablo Leather Luggage - Sold for $3,125 US


Bonhams, Collector's Motor Cars, Chichester, Goodwood, UK - 14 Sept 2013...
Lot 262 - 1972 Miura SV #4818 - Ex-Rod Stewart

   400GT Interim

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