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Lamborghini Registry February 2018 Newsletter
Countach KLA12017
February is always an exciting month spite of the cold weather with so many of the big auction houses offering at least one of or great old classic Lamborghinis such as Countach KLA12017 above being offered by RM Sotheby's. But this year those number of cars offered has exceeded the usual. If this is any indication of buyer confidence returning to the market we will have to wait on the results to make an accurate call on that. In the mean time there are a number of quality cars, unknown to us that you might enjoy checking out in the Upcoming Auctions section below and that will be added to the various Registries shortly.

As far as the 50th anniversaries of the Espadas and Islros goes we are still waiting on word of the factory's plans which are in the works. The Ferruccio Lamborghini family museum is planning an event in September and we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes on those 2 Registries that will become more evident in the coming months. In the mean time do enjoy some of the new additions to the Espada S1 Registry below and our first 2 Urus entries as these SSUVs start making an appearance at special introductions around the world. And there's more to come...

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Glen Kohut
Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut, Managing Editor

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Terzon Millennio   
31 January 2018

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio at the Festival Automobile International of Paris

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28 January 2018

Lamborghini wins the Daytona 24 hours

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   Lamborghini wins Daytona 24 hours
24 January 2018

Collezione Automobili Lamborghini has attended the Premium International Fashion Trade Show in Berlin

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16 January 2018

Collezione Automobili Lamborghini at Milan Fashion Week 2018

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   Collezione Automobili Lamborghini at Milan Fashion Week 2018
2017 record year for Lamborghini   
15 January 2018

Automobili Lamborghini achieves another record year 3815 cars delivered to customers in 2017

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11 January 2018

A record-breaking 2017 for the Lamborghini Museum: 100000 visitor milestone reached

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   2017 A record breaking year for museum
Urraco P111 at Russo and Steele Arizona 2018   

Mecum, Kissimmee, USA, 10-13 Jan 2018
1975 Urraco P111 #15980 - Sold for $62,000 US
1989 Countach 25th #KLA12596 - Sold for $297,000 US
2004 Gallardo TT #4LA00705 - Sold for $126,500 US

Bonhams, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 18 Jan 2018
1987 Countach QV #HLA12185 - Sold for $264,000 US
1957 DL30 Tractor #0966 - Sold for $37,000 US

RM Sotheby's, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 18 Jan 2018
1991 Diablo #MLA12283 - Sold for $190,400 US

Gooding, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 20 Jan 2018
1965 350GT #0253 - Sold for $737,000 US
1991 Diablo #MLA12185 - Sold for $217,250 US

Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 19-20 Jan 2018
2004 Gallardo #4LA00520 - Sold for $110,000 US
2006 Gallardo #6LA03211 - Sold for $99,000 US
2008 Gallardo Spyder #8LA06617 - Sold for $132,000
1991 Diablo #MLA12050 - Sold for $137,500 US
2014 Aventador LP700-4 #ELA02139 - Sold for $286,000

RM Sotheby's, Paris, 7 Feb 2018
Lot 126 - 1970 Espada S2 #7725
Lot 135 - 1991 Countach 25th #KLA12017
Lot 160 - 1967 400GT 2+2 #01285
Lot 167 - 1985 Jalpa #FLA12208
Lot 169 - 1971 Jarama 400 GT #10072
Lot 179 - 1994 Diablo SE30 RLA12064

Artcurial, Retromobile, Paris, FR, 9 Feb 2018
Lot 88 - 1959 DL 20 Lamborghinetta Tractor #3129/A
Lot 114 - 1976 Espada S3 #9804
Lot 55 - 1969 Islero #6321
Lot 113 - 1972 Espada S2 #8782
Lot 112 - 1969 Espada S1 #7063

Coys, London Classic, Excel, UK, 17 Feb 2018
Lot 104 - 1962 Lamborghini 2R Tractor #11745
Lot 121 - 1988 Countach QV #JLA12269
Lot 132 - 1976 Urraco #20078

Silverstone, Race Retro Classic, 24-25 Feb 2018
Lot 1543 - 1983 Jalpa DLA12056
Lot 544 - 1960 DL20A Tractor - 2241R #3496A
Lot 545 - 1983 Countach 500S #DLA12550

Espada S1 7024, 7039, 7069, 7105, 7120, 7132, Urus KLA00236, KLA00266.

At present we have 2274 individual cars photographed out of 37,000+ cars built.

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