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Lamborghini Registry August 2020 Newsletter
Lamborghinis Essenza SCV12 on track at Paul Ricard
Most people would likely find it difficult to think up anything positive about this whole COVID-19 experience, unless maybe you happen to own a company that makes masks. Not to take away from any of the financial suffering and in some cases death the illness has caused, I'll bet there are some who have actually been somewhat enjoying some down time locked away at home maybe doing car stuff. And there has certainly been plenty to do in that area with international auto shows and concours being cancelled, auto manufacturers have been turning to the internet and social media to unveil their latest products and one-off specials.

Rumor has it that Lamborghini will also be going virtual to replace its in person appearances at auto shows in the future. We've already seen examples of this form of new introduction in recent months leading us to believe the rumours may be true, especially with the introduction last year of their Unica app which is being used to give advanced previews of new models ahead of public intros on youtube and the like.

The latest of these virtual introductions saw the unveiling of the new all track only Essenza SCV12 and the Sian Roadster. Both press releases and introduction videos can by found below. Enjoy!
Glen Kohut
Stay tuned...

Glen Kohut, Managing Editor

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Lamborghini Veneno ELA02349   

Aventador S coupe #LLA09711, Veneno coupe #ELA02349, Veneno Roadster #FLA03001, Urus #LLA10000 , #LLA10251 , Essenza SCV12 #SCV120001 .

At present we have 2428 individual cars photographed out of 45,000+ cars built.

Silverstone, Classic Live Online, UK, 1 Aug 2020
Lot 535 - 1972 Miura SV RHD #5036

Gooding, Passion of a Lifetime, London,UK, 5 Sept 2020
Lot 002 - 1971 Miura SV Speciale #4878
Lot 009 - 1965 350GT #0226

Artcurial, André Trigano Coll., Auriol, FR, 13 Sept 2020
Lot 182 - 1967 400GT 2+2 #1231

RM Sotheby's, Elkhart, IN, USA, 23-24 Oct 2020
Lot - 1969 Miura S #3874

   Lamborghini Miura SV 5036 at Silverstone August 2020
RM Sothebys Petitjean Collection June 2020   

RM Sotheby's, Online, Essen, Germany, 3-11 June 2020
1994 Diablo SE30 #064 - Sold for Sold For $237,043 US
Countach Replica Chassis - Sold for Sold For $11,944 US
Miura P400 Engine - Sold for Sold For $191,113 US
1979 Countach LP400S #1121066 - Sold for $465,970
1984 Countach LP500S #ELA12762 - Sold for $304,770
1991 Diablo 2wd #MLA12086 - Sold for $135,453 US
1991 Diablo 2wd #MLA12308 - Sold for $130,699 US
1971 Espada S2 #8248 - Sold for $97,740 US
1970 Islero GTS #6591 - Sold for $232,985 US
1986 Jalpa #GLA12321 - Sold for $68,191 US
1971 Jarama GT #10052 - Sold for $68,191 US
1968 Miura P400 #3111 - Sold for $738,733 US
1974 Urraco P250 #15568 - Sold for $60,235 US
1973 Urraco P250 S #15212 - Sold for $79,014 US
23 June 2020

Lamborghini SCV12: Squadra Corse hypercar ready to hit the track

[read more]
   Lamborghini Essenza SCV12
8 July 2020

The Lamborghini Sián Roadster: Experience future technology under open skies

[read more]
20 July 2020

New Lamborghini Ad Personam virtual studio Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Xago Edition: Special edition reserved for Ad Personam virtual studio consultations

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   Aventador SVJ Xago
Lamborghini celebrates the 10,000th Urus   
21 July 2020

New production record: Automobili Lamborghini celebrates the 10,000th Urus

[read more]

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