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Photos Copyright © 2006 Donald Osborne
400GT Islero (125 Made 1968-69)

The new Islero retained much of the old 400 and was mostly just reskinned. In the lines one can see the similarity to the former with a sharper more modern feel. Ferruccio himself had much influence on the final style of the car and it became one of his favorite means of transportation.

Mario Marazzi and his group of ex-Touring employees were called upon to help restyle the 400GT 2+2 that would become the Islero they would manufacture for Lamborghini. The prototipo body was delivered from the coach builder, Marazzi, on February 6, 1968 but wouldn't be completed by the factory til March 6, 1968. The new car retained the square tube chassis and inner structure of the 400 GT 2+2 to which the restyled body panels would be attached. The wheelbase remained the same although the front and rear track would change with the new wider tires on cast Campagnolo wheels that would become standard equipment. The Islero that appeared at the Geneva Salon and in the company's brochure, was one of only 17 early cars to wear Borrani wire wheels.

The Marazzi body suffered from poor fit and finish especially where the interior was concerned. The Islero's interior was roomier though and had better visibility due to generous amounts of glass. The glass, it is interesting to note was only bent in one dimension as a cost saving measure. All previous Lamborghinis had compound curved glass. Soundproofing in the Islero was much improved over previous models.

The last of this first series of 125 cars was being completed by Marazzi around the Christmas season of 1968 except for #6375 which was finished February 17, 1969. It wouldn't be until later on in 1969 that Lamborghini would finish construction of all of the first series cars. Only125 Isleros were built.

One courageous soul, who dreamed of putting his Lamborghini onto the track, was Paul Rilly, though no more successful than his predecessors. Rather than making major modifications and aiming at the sports-car catagories, he took his Islero and entered it in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1975, no less! Naturally, the series Islero had no hope of even qualifying for the race, and, in fact, failed to take the start, but it was a good try nonetheless. - Stefano Pasini

Although there are Isleros out there that are listed as having been made in the years 1967 through 1972, in reality, they are nearly all 1968 and 1969's. All the bodies of the first series Islero were completed and delivered to the Lamborghini factory by Marazzi during 1968 and all the series II bodies were delivered during 1969. The first Islero was completed by the factory March 6, 1968 and all the rest of the first series were finished by Christmas except for #6375 which was finished February 17, 1969. Of the series II cars, the first was completed February 8, 1969 and the rest were finished in 1969, except for #6671 and #6674, finished January 8, 1970. Initial registration of the cars may account for discrepancies, as those were the years of beginning safety and emission control and many loopholes were sought by owners and importers. Some cars were probably claimed to be made before the rules and others were first registered long after production due to prolonged efforts to make them fit the new rules for the country they were going to. - Louis A. Herrin, DVM

Some clarification on Islero GT chassis numbers by Lou Herrin, DVM.

Starting with #6000, (the prototipo), every 3rd number was used to #6378, the last Islero GT chassis #. However, there was no #6162 made and #6189 was an "S".

Lamborghini 400 GT Islero

Type60° V12, Front Mounted, DOHC per bank
Valves2 per cylinder
Bore/Stroke82mm x 62mm
Carburation6 Twin-throat Webers 40 DCOE 20
Max power325bhp @ 7,000rpm
Torque289 ft/lbs @ 5,500rpm

Gearbox5-speed + reverse, All-Syncromesh
ClutchSingle dry plate, hydraulically operated

ChassisLoad carrying body
BuilderMarazzi of Milano
SuspensionIndependent, coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers
Axle Ratio11/45
BrakesGirling discs
WheelsCampagnolo cast magnesium
Tires205 VR 15 Pirelli Cinturato

Overall Length4525 mm / 176.5 in
Overall Width1730 mm / 67.5 in
Overall Height1300 mm / 50.7 in
Wheelbase2650 mm / 103.4 in
Front Track1380 mm / 53.8 in
Rear Track1380 mm / 53.8 in
Weight1315 kg / 2893 lb
Fuel Tank80 L / 21 gal

Top speed250 km/h / 155 mph




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